About Keri a.s.

We are engaged in design and manufacturing of checking fixtures, cubings, as well as measuring and assembly workstations especially in automotive industry. Our products are used to check stampings, weldments, assemblies, and exterior and interior plastic parts and assemblies. Different types of our products are used in prototype, pre-production and serial automotive production stages. In addition to traditional methods of measurement, we also develop our own non-contact measuring systems with software collection, transmission and evaluation of measured data.

We are a 100% Czech company, currently (2018) employing 75 skilled workers.

More than a half of our annual production is exported to the EU countries and Russia.


Why to Cooperate with Us

  • long-term experience and a high specialization in the field
  • up-to date technology - CNC machining and CMM measurement
  • focus on product quality using innovations in measurement (non-contact laser measurement, wireless data transmission, etc.)
  • high flexibility to customer requests (optimization, change management, etc.)