Automation and robotics offer a comprehensive solution from the first workplace concept, through the 3D study, the production of equipment to the final validation at the customer, followed by professional service. Depending on the degree of automation, our workplaces and lines are designed as automatic or semi-automatic. As part of the device development, we put emphasis on functionality and security of the solution. Automated subassemblies, components from reputable manufacturers are used to build the equipment. An integral part of the equipment deliveries are electro, tire projects, CE certificates. An integral part of the delivery is warranty and post-warranty service.
Assembly fixtures are used for completion of parts into assemblies. They can be equipped with pneumatic or electrical elements, if required. These devices may be used in production lines or as separate workplaces. They can be equipped with elements for presence checking of individual components, white the assembly may be performed as Poka Yoke. That means monitoring of each operation implementation and prevention of a wrong or non-functional assembly.
Laser checking fixtures are used to detect the value of deviation from the nominal (CAD data) by optical sensors. Accuracy of this solution is equal or even better than the one of a mechanical contact of common dial indicators - depending on the type of the sensor used. Currently, we can replace all surface surface and trimmings measurements, which are usually applied to standard checking fixtures, with laser measurement solutions. Fixtures are available in two versions: with sensors in fixed positions or with a system with a manually movable sensor locked to the measuring points. Advantage of the fixed position solution is in the immediate evaluation; moreover, there is no demand concerning special employee skills.
Cubings represent measurement devices with a precise milled surrounding simulation of the part or assembly to be controlled. The part orientation is usually the same as in the real vehicle. The parts are inspected mainly visually and functionally. Cubings, however, can be equipped with any measuring instruments like general checking fixtures. The structural components are usually movable to allow a CMM part measurement as well. The main base is steel welded, with an aluminium casting or aluminium mounted structure. Shaped segments are made from aluminium as well.
Checking fixtures are used for a complete dimensional and positional check in the manufacturing process. The base is usually an aluminium board with steel parts, equipped with centering elements and fixations to enable part positioning in space according to the RPS coordinates. Measurement devices: dial indicators, rulers, GO/NOGO calibres, feeler gauges, sensors etc. The shaped body can be made from aluminium, resin, or other special materials. CMM fixtures are used to position the part or assembly in space according to the RPS coordinates. Metrological departments of our customers use them for measurement on their own 3D measuring machines (CMM).
Testing fixtures are special gauges designed to tes automotive parts in climatic chambers where weathering aging tests are performer. In addition, gauges for impact test (PENDL) for checking the integrity of assembly parts (bumpers), deformation and safety, ag in the event of a collision with a pedestrian.

Keri a.s.
We are engaged in the design and manufacture of control and measuring fixtures, cubing and measuring and assembly workplaces especially in the automotive industry. The gauges designed by us control both sheet metal stampings, weldments and assemblies, exterior and interior plastic parts and their assemblies.

Why Keri a.s.
- long experience
- High specialization in the field
- modern CNC - machine tools
- Quality CMM device
- product quality orientation
- use of modern measurement procedures
- High flexibility

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